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Why Cleaning Your Washing Machine Is Important

Why Cleaning Your Washing Machine Is Important

Everyone believes a myth that your detergent can clean clothes as well as your washing machine. But, do you know this? A detergent can only clean your clothes, not your washing machine. So, you have to look for other cleaning options to extend the shelf life of your washing machine. The main reason behind ruining the shelf life of your washing machine is that it can pick up unwanted residues like dirt, bacteria, and odour from your clothes. A dirty washing machine will not only harm the clothes but also pose a health hazard for your family. Hence, a weekly cleaning regime in your schedule is essential to avoid bacteria growth, bad odour, and residue.

Get rid of dirt pile-up:

  • Over time, washing machines lose performance due to factors like dirt buildup.
  • Dirt accumulates from clothes, forming sludge that can gather in the machine.
  • Piled-up dirt causes issues: stains, odors, mildew-like smell on clothes.
  • Neglect leads to leftover detergent, hard water deposits, and dirt on clothes.
  • Regular cleaning prevents problems: stain and odor elimination, machine overload.
  • Klenzmo Washing Machine Cleaner is a chemical-free solution for effective cleaning. 

 Find solution to rusting:

  • Leftover water after washing causes residue, not fresh clothes.
  • Residue reacts with metal, causing rusting and scaling (corrosion).
  • Corrosion deforms rim, leading to premature machine replacement.
  • Drain water after wash to extend washing machine's lifespan.
  • Wipe excess water, leave door open for moisture to evaporate.
  • Address rust with descaling powder available in stores.

 Segregate Your Clothes While Washing:

  • Despite claims of being multi-purpose, it's wise to segregate clothes by fabric type before washing.
  • Friction between different fabrics can lead to unthreading and potentially damage the washing machine.
  • Ripped clothes' threads can clog the washing machine's rim holes, hindering water flow.
  • Routine maintenance is essential for keeping the washing machine clean and functioning well.
  • Use mesh bags for small or irregularly shaped items like socks, lingerie, etc., to prevent malfunctions.
  • Consider hand washing very small items to avoid potential machine issues.

Too Much detergent is toxic!:

When you see your clothes with more dirt, all you think is to use more detergent. More is better right? No, you are wrong this time. Too much detergent can create a surplus of suds that can prevent your garments from rubbing against each other which helps to release trapped dirt from your clothes. The more detergent you use, the dirtier your washing machine becomes.

The excessive detergent can get trapped in the gasket or rubber seal around the door which ruins the health of your washing machine. Also, leftover detergent and moisture can create a developing ground for algae and fungi that rip your fabric. The detergent deposits in the wastewater pipe can damage not only your machine, your clothes too. By the time you get to know where the problem is, your machine will no longer be in service. So, it’s not too late to get started. If you start cleaning your washing machine now, you can save some bucks as well as peace for later.

Overall, your washing machine is a relatively simple machine. Each element does its job to clean your clothes. In return, this machine needs attention to keep it working for years.The point of this is not to scare you, It is more about opening your eyes to the reality that the appliance you spent money on has a lifespan. Keep it clean with Klenzmo descaling powder, and it will last for years. Well, in the end, you have all of our favorite tips to keep your washing machine clean and running smoothly. These are our top tips, but we'd love to hear any others that you might have, so feel free to share them with us by leaving us a comment here.

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