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Your eco-friendly hygiene partner, features a plant-powered formula for effective and safe cleaning. Derived from natural sources, it ensures a gentle yet powerful clean on all surfaces. Choose sustainability with Kleenest—fill, refill, and contribute to a greener future.

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Your trusted Appliance Care brand, ensures an efficient, germ-free cleaning experience. Our ethically sourced, sustainably formulated products are safe for appliances, humans, and the planet. Join us in the mission to enhance your appliance's lifespan, making your home hygienic and productive.

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I am a marketing manager by profession and a mother too. And as a mother, I feel it is never going to be enough when it comes to family. When it came to purchasing an oven cleaner, I wanted to make a choice that satisfied my hygiene concerns while also being as quick as my fast-paced life. That’s what made me choose Klenzmo. I'm glad I discovered a way to maintain hygiene in no time and with minimal effort.


Washing clothes has always been the most boring chore for me. It was disappointing to not even see the desirable results. When I realized that the problem was not with the detergent but with the machine being unclean, I made the decision to buy a washing machine cleaner from Klenzmo. I am glad I made this choice, as it not only gave me a quick solution but also take care of safety as it is eco-friendly too.


Being a professional gamer, I play around with gadgets as much as I play with my boys. I do love my gadgets a lot, but their overuse is ruining them. What I can at least do is keep it clean. I came across Klenzmo screen cleaner, and it left me amazed by its quick action and its chemical-free formula, which keeps me carefree too. Choosing Klenzmo has been a wise choice for a lazy guy like me.

How to make your appliances last longer

To extend the lifespan of household appliances, regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial. By taking care of them, we can prevent breakdowns, save money, and avoid frequent repairs. Discover simple steps to keep your appliances running smoothly by reading more.

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