Kitchen Chimney cleaner and Degreaser 400ml

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Cuts through Tough grease and oil. Improves suction power of chimney with clean filters. Gives your chimney a spotless look and oil free shine

Product feature

  • Oil grease and dirt build up, affects chimney parts like motors, fans, and filters reducing life of your kitchen chimney and increasing power consumption.  
  • Klenzmo’s quick action formula helps remove stubborn grease, oil deposits and stains and restores parts to their near original condition.
  • Acid free formula removes grease build-up without scratching stainless steel surfaces and keeps them looking new for long. 
  • Removes oil and grease deposits from Chimneys, Microwave ovens, Grills, OTGs, Gas stoves and Cooktops, Exhaust fans, Deep Fryers (Air fryers).
  • Compatible with all leading chimney brands.

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Kleenest action for your home


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